Can Roger Federer Win Again? Preview and Predictions

It is that time of the year again when tennis lovers all over the world are keen on witnessing how the events unfold. The truth is, given how the tennis events unfolded in the year 2017, it is very difficult to predict or rule anything out this year. For instance, who can claim that he/ she knew that both Roger Federer and Rafael Nedal would have won anything given their long absence due to injuries last year? It is surprising that they both won two grand slams given that they are over 30 years.

Can Roger Federer Win Again

The bottom line is, in tennis, everything is possible. In this article, we preview Roger Federer’s form, after which we will provide our predictions as to whether he will win another major title again.

Roger Federer’s Preview

A couple of years ago, many people had doubts as to whether Federer would be able to compete at top level again given that he was 34 at that time. Two years later, now at 36, he still looks strong to compete. The battle for the top place has always been about Roger Federer and Rafael Nedal even though others like Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin Del Potro might have given them a run for their money. However, with the Wimbledon 2018 fast approaching, we are all waiting to see how the big guns will do in the games.

Roger Federer is not new to this stage. If anything, he has a wealth of experience to boast heading into the tournament. Once again, his biggest competitor is most likely to be Rafael Nedal with all having an eye on the crown.

All other factors remaining constant, it is not a question of if but a matter of when. Roger Federer will most certainly win another tournament. Looking at the way he is motivated it would be wrong to think that Federer will end his career without another win unless maybe you think that Rafael Nedal has a shot.

Reasons Why Federer is Likely to Win Again

Talking of Federer winning is not a surprise to anyone. If anything, he has proven time without numbers that he is capable of that. Were it not for the injury that kept him out for a lengthy spell, it is almost certain that he would still be number one. However, not all is lost as he is still or three wins away from reclaiming the first position. With the Wimbledon tournament fast approaching, he (Federer) can still fancy his chances. Here are some of the reasons why you should not rule him out, yet.

1. He has the experience

Federer started playing professional tennis in 1998-1999. Since then, he has proceeded to becoming one of the world’s greats in the game. Going into the tournament (assuming he remains fit), he would be a force to reckon, given that he has been here before and done that.

2. He is not Under any Pressure

Roger Federer has nothing to prove to anyone. If anything, his records speak for themselves. In a past interview, Federer was quoted saying that he will only play if he is fit. According to him, he is not in a position of planning anything. He does not plan his wins nor his injuries. This alone shows that he is full of confidence. We all know what a confident and motivated Federer can do.

3. The Next Tournament is on Grass

Unlike clay, most of Federer’s wins have come when he plays on grass. Given that the next tournament that he is almost certain to feature in will be played on grass, his opponents have a big cause for worry.

4. He Looks Fitter

Coming back from injury, Roger Federer looks fit again. If anything, he appears to be the only one fit amongst the top big names. This gives the Swiss a huge advantage in Wimbledon therefore boosting his chances of succeeding.

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Two years ago, nobody would have thought that Roger Federer would have won another major grand slam. However, it came to the shock of no one when he won two majors straight from his injury. With the Wimbledon tournament fast approaching, it is safe to say that if all other factors remain constant, Roger Federer can win again. However, all we can do is make our predictions and await the tournament.

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