Who will win Wimbledon 2018? (Our Picks)

The world of tennis will come to a standstill come the 15th of July this year. This is was some of the top players will want to take the Wimbledon trophy home with them. The multimillion questions still linger in everyone’s mind. Who will win Wimbledon 2018? Obviously the top name comes into our mind when it comes to this question. These names are Rodger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. I reckon these are the crème Del a crème of tennis and are the people that should be considered when we are answering this question.

who will win wimbledon 2018

1. Rodger Federer

The Swiss currently ranked 2nd should be the man to beat come the 15th of July. He has the advantage over Nadal because the game will be played on a grass court and not clay. Wimbledon for a while now has been Federers’s tournament as he has collected a total of 8 titles. The grass court should suit him best since the ball is fast, as that is what Federer fancy the most. His amazing serves is his strength as it is very effective, especially when he spins the ball to his backhand. He also has to retain this title and prove all the doubters wrong. One of the major challenges that Federer faces is his fitness. He is already 36 years old and not getting any younger, and we have seen in the past how he is struggling with injuries. This was very well witnessed in the Australian open where we saw glimpses of him struggling. If he stays fit, then he is going to be a force to reckon with come the big day.

2. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is the top ranked player at the moment, and is really going all in for this tournament. His major obstacle has been his form on grass courts, as we all know that he is the king of clay. He just has to overcome this and then he should be considered the guy to bit. A far as his health is concerned Nadal have struggled in the past with injuries. But we have seen another Nadal in the French open. Here we saw a player from another world. It is all up to him to maintain what was observed in that tournament and also improves his tennis in the grass court. Then we have a match here with him and Federer. The biggest fear that most of the challengers should realize is that Nadal has already identified his weakness and he working so hard to overcome it. This makes him the man to watch this July

3. Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic cannot be ignored in this tournament as well. He also fancies this tournament especially after having won the title three times. He is considered to be on the same level as Nadal and Federer. His amazing tennis was noticed in 2011 when he showed what he was made of by going a total of 41 matches winning streak which was just something else. What really raises the eye brow is his current form. His best being the French open in 2016, and that was the only grand slam final that he has flourished in the last year or so .The Serb has not been performing well in the last tournaments. When we consider his track record in Wimbledon, he still remains the top contender. The Serbian is very good on grass. His achievement in the last seven Wimbledon has been phenomenal, as he has reached at least the semi finals in six of them. This is the reason why he should also be considered a major threat in Wimbledon this year.

4. Andy Murray

In 2013, Andy Murray really stunned the world with his tennis. Not only did he play so well and beating Novak Djokovic against all odds, but also clinched the title in Britain. The games being played in Britain should be one of the reasons as to why we should fancy Murray for the tournament. He has this thing with Wimbledon and has been witnessed in the last previous tournaments. Not only did he win it in 2013, but also lost in the final to Federer in 2012. Wimbledon can be easily said to be Murray’s tournament as he has managed to advance up to the quarter finals in every event from 2008. He also showed the world that his win in 2013 was not a fluke by also clinching the same title in 2016. He did beat the inform player at the moment Miloss Raonic in the finals. The fact that the tournament is in Britain, Andy possess all the challenges to be one of the great again and win t his tournament.

5. Grigor Dimitrov

The Bulgarian is considered the new and young upcoming talent at the moment. Having already won something in Wimbledon in 2008 as a boy (the Boys singles title) he is really to be mentioned among t he already legends in this tournament. He is currently the most successful Bulgarian tennis player of all time. He will have a big point to prove in this year’s tournament in Wimbledon. The fact that he is still very young and very athletic will pose a really big challenge to most players. What a way for the young man to make an impact than to lift this trophy in Wimbledon. He has already shown flashes of really threats in previous tournament and is fancied as one of the biggest outsider in Wimbledon. The fact that he is angry for a big win will make him the man to watch in this tournament.

The question, Who will win Wimbledon 2018 is really not very easy to answers as the above mentioned players has what it take to clinch the title. Most of them apart from Grigor have been there and done it and will want to prove a point. They are in the last stages of their tennis career and will want go out with a bang. This should be one of the hotly c on tested tournament for a while and we are really waiting to find out among the top five, who will win Wimbledon 2018.

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