Winning Possibility of Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon 2018

When both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer confirmed their participation in this year’s Wimbledon tennis championship, the whole tennis fraternity knew they were in for a big treat. With about a month to go before the start of the world’s biggest grand slam tournament, we cannot help but wonder how the big wigs will proceed in the tournament. Of course British fans will be excited about the prospect of Andy Murray playing and trying to go for the title. However, the real focus is on how Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will clash assuming all other factors remain constant. In this article, we look at the chances of Rafael Nadal winning at Wimbledon 2018.

Can Rafael Nadal Win Wimbledon 2018?

Can Rafael Nadal Win Wimbledon 2018?

This is the questions that many tennis fans all over the world are asking. We all know the feud that has grown over the years between him (Nadal) and his biggest nemesis (Federer). While it is true that they recently put their differences aside and agreed to pair together in the doubles during this year’s tournament, that does not mean that one would not fancy beating the other when the two come clashing.

Going back to the main question, we think that if Rafael Nadal remains fit throughout the tournament, he has a good chance of winning it. Here are some of the main reasons for our predictions:

Nedal Struggles on Grass

There is a popular myth that Rafael Nadal struggles a lot on grass (which apparently is Federer’s strong suit) and does well on clay. While many of you might think this is a massive disadvantage for Nadal, we think it can work for him on the contrary. Look at it this way, Nadal knows that everybody knows that he is not good on grass. Trying to prove his doubters wrong will be one of his motivations and who knows; maybe he might just go on and win the tournament while at it.

Nedal is Full of Experience

Most fans seem to forget when comparing Rafael Nadal to other greats such as Federer, he (Nadal) has a wealth of experience in the game. Nadal can play both on clay and grass very well and has been playing for over ten years now. If anything, this year marks a decade since Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in the Wimbledon finals to clinch the title. We also agree that, were it not for the series of unfortunate injuries that Nedal has suffered over time; he might have had more honors under his belt currently. His experience will definitely play a huge role in how he performs this year.

He Has Extra Motivation

Recently, Rafael Nadal suggested that Roger Federer is avoiding to play against him on clay. These remarks show that he (Nedal) is not “afraid” of any challenge now that he has confirmed that he will be present at this year’s Wimbledon championship.

Rafael Nadal’s Best Match Has Come Against Roger Federer

Even though Nadal’s statistics show that he is good on clay more than on grass, his biggest match came against Rodger Federer and was on grass. Back in 2008, Nedal beat Federer in a five set thriller to clinch the title. With all due respect to other players that will be taking part in this year’s tournament, if Nadal meets Federer in the finals then the script might be replayed.

To any fan thinking that Rafael Nadal might not have a chance because of his injuries; it is safe to say that the statement is true for most of the other top players. Assuming everybody remains fit for the better part of the tournament, we can rest assured of joys, cries and disappoints, which is what any thrilling competition should have


As the Wimbledon 2018 if fast approaching, we cannot help but wonder what the chances of every player are. Looking at Rafael Nadal, this year has a lot at stake for him especially the Wimbledon championship. With the tournament set to start on 2nd July and end on the 15th of the same month, all we can do as tennis lovers is, grab our tickets or subscribe to the right channels. For a fortnight, we will go tennis mad as we seek answers to our questions. What we know for sure is that if Rafael Nadal remains fit, he can win the championship.

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